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Questions About WV Estates

  1. What kind of items do you specialize in?

    We specialize in anything you may find in one's home or workplace. These items include, but are not limited to; cars, appliances, furniture, linens, antiques, houseware, collectibles, jewelry(fine and costume), clothing(including shoes and accessories), tools, electronics, lighting, and much more.

    We also specialize in Commercial Liquidation of Business Equipment, Office Furniture, Commercial/Specialty Machinery & Vehicles, Food Service Equipment, & More.

    We have experience in selling almost everything from antiquities to computers.

  2. How long does the estate liquidation process take?

    The entire process varies from house to house, this is based on home size, amount of contents, and any extra cleanout service needed. After we first walk through the estate or are contacted by your attorney or executor we will ask to negotiate the contract within 7 days.

    After the contract is signed the sale will be scheduled, usually within 1-2 weeks after that(Unless you/we specify otherwise. The sale will run anywhere from 1-2 days (sales run on the weekend typically Friday & Saturday). depending on the amount of contents. After the sale the please allow up to 2-3 weeks before you get your check and all the sale inventory list. This allows time for all checks to clear and be funded at the bank. The entire process usually takes altogether 3-4 weeks to complete.

  3. Are there fees associated?

    Aside from our Commission and the newspaper ad fee, the only fee is for any rubbish removal that is needed at the home or office(if specified as such in contract). There is no fee for formulating and placing the newspaper/computer ads.

    Costs for removal include dumpster rental and labor cost if needed. Removal of such items may be done so prior to sale and or post sale depending on the amount of rubbish or leftover items. 

  4. Does WVEstates perform Antique Appraisals?

    Yes, We will do appraisals on estate merchandise, antiques, etc for tax, insurance, or resale purposes.

  5. Do you also conduct Moving and Downsizing Sales?

    Yes. We also run Moving and Downsizing Sales. All sales are run with the same quality organization and accurate pricing.

  6. What are your rules as far as etiquette and buyers during the sale?

    Our goal is to keep a professional aptmosphere inside the home when selling your estate or house contents. We do not permit smoking both on sale day and when staff is inside your home. We promise that your home will be as clean as when we first went in and will vaccumm up after the sale is over. 

    We also have no tolerance stealing policy and do not offer discounts to dealers or buyers before the sale time. All sales are final and all items are As Is. We do accept cash and checks (if known to us) only from buyers. We try and make the sale as friendly and organized as possible.

  7. What is the Estate Sale Process

    The estate sale process included negotiating a contract, organizing and pricing the house contents, running the sale, and any cleanup or cleanout after the sale, and finally paying the seller. The whole process we have a summary about here.

  8. Do you have any references for your services?

    Yes, We have conducted hundred of successful estate sales and therefore have many satisfied sellers who have offered their positive feedback for sales we have conducted in the past. If you would like the name and phone number of one of our past customers for referal reasons, please e-mail us @ Wvestates1@yahoo.com.

  9. Should I throw away any junk in the House prior to calling WV Estates?

    Absolutley Not, Often times we have found that the items thrown away prior to us looking over the property to hold a sale at, are items of value. These include, but are not limited to, broken items, In Date Food Items/Spices, Cleaning Products, Lumber, gaudy/outdated jewelry, linens, shoes, clothing, and more. 

    When we organize for your sale we also take the time to clean and polish any items that may need cleaning in order for them to be more appealing to the buyer. All of this cleaning of such items, is included in the organization for the sale at no extra cost to you.

  10. What Areas Do you Offer Your Services In?

    We liquidate estates throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and in the Poconos. Areas such as, but not limited to; Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Tunkhannock, Bloomsburg, Waverly, Clarks Summit, Lake Harmony, Mt. Pocono, Stroudsburg, Plymouth, Dallas, Pittston, Kingston, and everytown in between!!!

  11. What Payment Methods do you Accept?

    We currently accept cash and checks from regular customers at all sales. Starting in February 2020 most sales will be accepting all major credit cards, apple/google pay as payment as well (3% transaction fee applies).

  12. Do you sell firearms/ammunition?

    WV Estates holds an FFL or Federal Firearms License and is a federally licensed under ATF dealer of firearms, as well as Pennsylvania Firearms License and is able to assist customers and estates with the sale of firearms. For firearms transfers we conduct all NICS Background checks and can provide forms and necessary documentation to all parties involed. 

    We also can assist clients in the retail of ammunition as well as firearm accessories.

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